Book Launch

Contemporary Leaders

Authors Fasaha M. Traylor and Allener M. Baker-Rogers (left to right)
Linda Wright Moore
Dr. Ala Stanford
Marilyn Stephens
Maori Holmes
Judge Jacqueline Allen
Judge Frederica Massiah-Jackson
Maisha Ongoza
Dr. Alpha Alexander
Tina Sloan Green
Dr. Ann Koger
Dr. Lurline Jones
Linda Richardson
Phoebe Haddon
Aishah Simmons
Bishop Audrey Bronson
Dr. Asali Solomon
Barbara Bullock
Akiba Solomon
Frances Ponnie Walker
Charisse Lillie
Dr. Claudia Curry
Trudy Haynes
Dr. Constance Clayton
Sandra Dungee Glenn
Shirley Dennis
Barbara Easley Cox

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